glock 36 gen 3 vs gen 4

If not I will use the medium. The .45acp uses a single stack mag. They already shot softer than any aluiminum or steel frammed gun. My P226 had problems with hard primers on some ammo, the Glock never did. Then address them and came up with the M&P line. But after reading your post I am going for Gen 3 Glock 20 sf. There is no single-stack Glock 9mm. All of my Glocks are Gen 3. I am sure Glock designer can make their firearm slimmer than the 1911. It is mostly arrogant, I am better than you, I have the best, I have been shootin’ longer than you, egomaniacs that really have no knowledge about anything, except for what they read on the internet, that some self-proclaimed expert did some testing on. Nor have I heard any of the very many LEO’s that have and use GLOCKS, both on and off duty, complain or have an issue with the so-called “grip angle” . The Gen 4 is 0.17 oz lighter than the Gen 3 (according to Glock’s web site). To be fair I have never owned a Gen 3 simply rented a few to use on the range. I recently purchased the Gen 4 Glock 19. If you know the answer you probably realize that except for maybe Competition Shooting, the drop frees were still Glock’s greatest comprimise/change to date for the American Market. Took it to the range and thought it was the most uncontrollable weapon I had ever handled. I have a 9MM Browning Hi Power that kicks more than this gun. Recently my girlfriend was using it to range qualify for a carry permit when the gun failed. When you trade in look into a g36 gen3 or a gen 4 -19. HONESTY ALWAYS THE BEST POLICY!! I’ve been at the range with people who are having problems with an ammo dependent gun shooting white box Olin and I give them a handful of Hornady Critical Defense (because I get it free not because I’m nice) and all of a sudden the gun works fine. In partnership with Lipsey’s Firearm Distributors, GLOCK offers a limited edition that recreates the 9mm GLOCK P80 model of the 1980s. Je profite pour confirmer tes dires car mon petit Glock rivalise avec les tanfoglios sur-préparés lors des rencontres en "funshoot" qui est un excellent moyen de s'entrainer pour les tirs en situations. starve them out of all guns, including LEO’s. And, that is exactly what happened, casting a doubt over the reliability of the new handguns, at least until Glock made the decision to introduce a specific recoil spring dimensioned for the 9mm caliber and offering a free replacement program for all the current owners of 9mm Gen 4 pistols. Read here on where you can extensively test-fire GLOCK pistols before buying a gun and take a photo of your GLOCK 44 experience for our competition. 9mm Glock 17 Gen 3 semi-automatic pistol field disassembly. Besides, it’s nothing a new steal or titanium guide rod and spring system wouldn’t have resolved nor is it one a slightly heavier spring might not have resolved. I intend to keep this gun for a long time. With the new Dual Recoil Spring assembly, Glock managed to solve, or at least mitigate, a problem that affects all its .40 Smith & Wesson chambered handguns: early frame failure due to strong recoil and the pressure spike peculiar to this caliber. These two changes alone have caused the non-interchangeability of the main components with the previous models. Thanks all for the great information. What it looks like, however, is far less important than what it does. And by steel I meant/mean stainless steel. Frame: the dust cover features a wider channel to accommodate the larger Recoil Spring Assembly, Slide: the front part of the slide features a larger hole to accommodate the bulkier guide rod, Recoil Spring Assembly: the new recoil spring is telescopic and uses two springs, so it’s completely different both in design and size. My daughter (M&P 40) and I shoot in SCSA and USPSA (Production and Limited) used numerous factory ammo brands, and our own custom reloads (Dillon 650) and have experienced zero issues. GLOCK has just announced that the Slimline GLOCK 43X and GLOCK 48 are now available in the Modular Optic System (MOS) configuration. Great article. The un-altered grip is a tad slimmer than the original Glock grip, then the “medium” back strap insert is the equivalent of your standard Glock 17/22. According to Glock, the new finish is slightly harder. Together with the secure-grip design and minimal trigger-to-grip distance this makes handling the pistol very simple. But the finish now used, no name! That’s why This one has a mag well installed on it otherwise it would look the same (except for the grip) as the gen 4. Good thing our Gunsmiths Certified Seracoater (hope i spelt that correctly)Lol. These slim 9mm pistol models are ideal for concealed carry, sports shooting and law enforcement and both feature a micro-optic-ready factory-milled slide and a slim rail. No lead bullets though says glock but I know folks who shot Hard Cast Lead bullets through their models 20 and 21 with no problems. Serrations on the slide return to the straight design. At the recent IWA (European Shot Show) Glock was relentlessly HAMMERED by European municipalities, agencies and militarys experiencing loads of problems with their Gen 4 Glocks using the hotter NATO spec ammo. GLOCK 36 vs. GLOCK G30 S: magazine capacity. The Glock’s required a “Permanemt” Conversion inorder to cycle in semi-auto. Or, do this experiment. I can shoot Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glocks just fine, but many who are prone to limp wristing have the issue highly exaggerated when shooting a Gen 4 double recoil spring. Total round count was probably less than 1000 rounds. I love the gun now, but… after purchasing it I brought it home to breakdown/clean before taking to the range – I pulled out the recoil spring/guide rod assembly and barrel, reached to grab some supplies and “TING!”, the captured recoil spring assembly shot across my room in pieces. To adapt the pistol grip size to different hands, Glock devised an interesting concept: the Gen 4 frame grip is smaller than the previous generations, and the back strap new shape allows mounting one of two additional interchangeable inserts, increasing the trigger distance. In 1988, the “Second Generation” Glock was introduced: the grip had slightly raised side panels with the same texture as the previous generation, but the, still straight; front and back straps sported a deeply engraved squared checkering. Great article that answered a lot of my questions in a very timely manner. Wrist must be bent to accomplish this. Répondre. The GEN 4 does offer some nice bells and whistles, but it really doesn’t warrant a move from the GEN 3 if that’s already working for you, IMO. Glock 36 Specifications (full specs here) Caliber: .45 Auto Length: 177 mm / 6.96 in. But, I never cared for the grip texture on the (non RTF 2) Gen 3 Glocks. Trial and error, I will only need one shot! A REAL REVEIW!! We shoot alot of ammo and with the proper ammo vs. spring combination there are no complaints down here. Thanks again you have answered some of my questions and I will be purchasing a G4 G22 as a result. Thanks for the update! Yep, you are bigger and badder than everyone else because you have big hands? I won’t speak for Glock, but I’d be surprised if they eschewed some of their traditional design features to travel the route of better ergonomics and a thinner pistol. Your post was not up when I created mine, so I just noticed it. Le Glock 36 est un pistolet semi-automatique double action, en calibre 45 ACP, génération 3. (Wanna sell that Colt?). I searched this page for “safety” and found nothing. ?LOL ofcourse there having all kinds of FTF, FTE promblems! After about sixty rounds the trigger was locked back and the gun could not be field stripped. Glock Werks(sp) make a wee grommet, that allowes the use of the Gen3 spring, cured! The Gen 3 is the longest running Glock, but time inexorably goes by and the pressure from the competition increases constantly, so the Austrian manufacturer tries to adapt to the new trends, with a couple updated models that enjoy little success. Those black, silky, Glocks did look sexy but Glock isn’t known for their looks. I belive Glock has modified their finish for all new guns produced be they Gen 3 or 4. ne you get, you can’t go wrong they are both good and will serve you for the rest of your life if taken care of properly. The GLOCK 36 presents grip ergonomics of the next dimension. I liked the gun, but for some odd reason, the had a very small trigger guard and my finger JUST fit in it. The Gen 4 pistol introduces many new groundbreaking features. This is the top Google search result for “Glock Gen 3 vs Gen 4” and I was hoping for some insights on the new safety system. The back strap options do nothing about the ridges of the finger detents digging into the middle of the ring finger. Does the gen3 clock 22 mags fits the gen4 ?? Height: 121 mm / 4.76 in. The original trigger bar. Comparing Gen 3 and Gen 4 … The idea to use the same spring for both calibers (9mm and .40) once again caused problems: if a .40 caliber pistol recoils too much with a 9mm spring, a 9mm pistol with a .40 caliber spring may have reliability issues. I said in my previous statement that are local police had well over 500 guns GEN 4 G22 in 40S&W recalled from Glock and replaced them with GEN 3 G21s in 45 ACP!! BUT, they really tear it up at the range or in the open field. I have 4 Glock Gen4 guns. Whether firing a 17, 19, 22, 23, or my larger models 20 and 21 they worked perfectly and though the big ones felt different they worked perfectly when running rapid fire timed drills. Then Glock updated the RTF2 to RTF3. While Glock .40’s lasted, far longer than I expected with that system, it made for a very snappy recoil. Ya the egomaniacs are out there. I paid almost 600.00 but with the threat of new gun laws coming I was willing to pay for it. If you talk bad about a new pistol line, guess how many you will sell??? Too bad the girlfriend cant rack the slide without gritting her teeth! Very good information and comments. As for widespread issues, I’m not aware of any. Figure 1 shows the Glock 36 compared to a full-size 1911. Learn more about the tender and decision here on We can only speculate on the reasons. I also replaced the stock sights with the XS big dot as my eyes are not as good as they used to be! The new recoil spring, for example, is telescopic: two coaxial spring elements are assembled together with a smaller, central guiding rod and a larger tube (similar to the recoil spring assembly previously used in the super-compact models of the Glock) and its diameter is significantly larger than the spring used in the previous Generations. I do occasionally shoot left handed just in case I have a need if my right arm is incapacitated. Considering the likely sales volume generated by Cali’s 40 million people, $30,000 is peanuts. Glock 26 Gen 3 vs Gen 4. The front strap of the Gen 3 pistol gains an ergonomic, ridged profile, with finger grooves; just above the grip’s side panels on the frame, ambidextrous thumb rests appear to guide the hand in a correct shooting position and the rear slide guides return to their original shorter length. It appears I’m more accurate with the GEN4 because of it. You have to push a role pin out just to change the inserts, thats no changing at range between shooters. In 1996, the Third Generation Glock appeared, still in production, commonly christened “Gen 3”. The undisputed queen in the world of polymer-framed service pistols, GLOCK from Austria, is reacting ever faster to international trends and market requirements. in 357 Sig with no problems. The initial model came with a rounded dust cover and a grip that was barely roughened and wrapped all the way around the handle. Therefore a slim grip. 30274 and it seems that it performs miracles even on the most recent Gen 3 models, which feature the same slide design and build. If Glock manufactured only Gen 4 pistols, it would lose all sales in those States overnight. So if you want to waste money, and have to have the “new” thing, go for it. It also makes for a gun that isn’t nearly as battered from recoil, and thus should have a longer service life. my gen.3 has over 10,000 rounds thru it with with NO PROB at all so i’ll stick with it for now. Lets see if they pull this one down TOO!! The one incorporation that I thought really indicated Glock was adapting to a changing landscape in the handgun market, was the MBS – Multiple Back Strap system. I can see and feel the difference when compared to my old GEN2. However, the recoil spring assembly is a double spring system like the Gen 4 guns. I have only one Gen 4 gun. FYI, in Europe Glock is getting hammered. The color of the metal surfaces of the Gen 4 are also different, being a lighter and somewhat duller grey. agreed, the ridges in the grip are too small for me and do not fit my hand, mine also seems to shoot left and with practice ammo it is not consistent shoots much better with duty ammo. lol. I’ll stick with my reliable 23 Gen 3. My other Glock is a G-26 Gen 3 model and I love that as well. Any Glock owner knows that the standard release can be replaced by an extended one. Just wondering if I got this right, Glock now has a reciol spring assembly for the Gen 3 23 that helps tame the opop up recoil, or am I just wishful thinking? SGT. BTW I ain’t Limp wristing it either. It’s why I came to love the .40S&W to begin with. I always add grip tape of some kind. I own both G-17 and G-21 in Gen4 configuration and love them both, especially the G-21 ! I have a Gen 4 G22, which I puchased shortly after they were introduced to the market. G19, 22, 34, 35. Both of them functioned flawlessly with the Simunition Conversion Barrel. Glock has always used the Tennifer process in every model. The Glock 36 is ideal for home defense, concealed carry or as a duty weapon. Then along came the Smith and Wesson M&P with whole grip panels. I am aware of the problems Glock has had with the GEN 4…basically took a page out of Apple’s playbook and decided to let the first several thousand users/purchasers beta test their product. Regardless of whether you’re interested in presentations of the latest products at major international trade fairs – or are looking for a fascinating YouTube video, we’ve got it. About a year ago, Glock launched what has now been dubbed the “Gen 4” version of their pistols. BE A SHOOTER!Firearms, ammunition, optics, and passion: these are the four key elements that unite shooting fans from all around the world. I immediately had to switch the mag release because I have short thumbs, and the position of the release had me having to cock the gun over a bit. I wasn’t aware of the glock offering the free conversion – that’s great information! The fact that the frame is basically shorter longitudinally also causes the trigger housing to be accordingly sized, therefore incompatible with previous generation pistols. In the early 90’s when the Polymer Framed Glocks took off, I attended a Simunition Instructors Course (with my issued Sig P226 and also a M9). We hope you enjoy surfing our global website, our Facebook pages and our international YouTube channels! David Wright US ARMY RANGERS 11th BRAVO. I personally don’t care for the Gen 4 slide action or the recoil spring setup. In the Nineties, small updates had been made to the trigger mechanism and the “square” extractor was replaced by the 15 degree slanted version. MarkyyDee, Jan 31, 2017. I am buying a 26 and was wondering whether to shell out the extra for the G4 or just go with the G3. I do like the new GEN 4 recoil system. I like it but it easily has the worse trigger among my Glocks. Then the 36. Glock Perfection! And I have always been partial to the Gen 3 version of any Glock. All my shots went on the paper and I was able to group at will. My son has a Gen 4 G35 and I’ve shoot it quite a bit. Glock in Smyrna GA, now make whole pistols, for export only. For some reason. It is a refined version almost like diecast metal only harder and denser. Stop drinking the Glock KOOLAID!! Fabulous gun. I liked my G17L but Hated Glock’s grip angle. Great article – very informative! Excellent article. gen 1, 2, and 3 will interchange, but gen 4 is gen 4 only.. GLOCK pistols are among the most popular handguns in the world. Whatever you’re looking for, chances are you will find it on our website or by using Google search at / I have my mind set on buying a Glock 34 for USPSA however I cannot decide on whether or not to get the Gen 3 or 4. Again, most of these problems were promptly solved adopting a new Ejector, shorter and with a more slanted profile, that is included in every new Gen 4 pistol and that seems to have brought back the Glock pistol to the almost legendary levels of reliability that were at the base of the gun’s success. Ok thankyou for putting up my reply than yanking it down!!!! The Model 23 I had a target barrel installed and finally got it to group well, the others shoot just so-so. I say let Cali Drop into the sea where they all belong!! Personally, I like the feel and function of the Gen 4 just a bit more than the Gen 3 with my Glock 35. The Glock is smaller in all dimensions, and lighter as well. Of that group, the P7 is probably the reliability champ. Gen 4 Glock 19. I am interested in seeing people's opinion of Gen 3 vs Gen 4 for competition. What you think? The RTF 2 was/is the best grip texture ever molded into a polymer pistol, I believe. Now there is an updated version of the GLOCK Buyer's Guide for 2020. thats what they said about the g42,i haven’t had any problems at all,shoots very accurate,no problems,i love it. I can attest to this because my Gen 3 Glocks from racking the slide, the black oxide wears off a bit on the chamber end of the barrel where the ejection port is at. Personally, I think it’s all in one’s head. It could be that the models you mention are ammo optimized and somewhat dependent, which some pistols are these days. So comparing the Gen4 and Gen3 is probably not for me. If you can’t decide, flip a coin it worked for me ! Messages: 10,637 Likes Received: 3,181. I was able to make easy “triple taps” with the Gen 4 G22, whereas this was far from easy to do accurately in my old issue Gen 3. Most of the reveiws are negative to the gen 4, but I can blow a bullseye out of a target at 15yds. blog before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new Whichever Glock you pick, enjoy it ! Oh well, if Glock ever see the light I’ll buy a couple more Glocks, other wise I’m happy with my 1911s. It was blocky looking, didn’t have the heft and feel of my Baretta M9. Fourth, I need to state that I was anticipating the shot and even limp-wristing the new 22 and I couldn’t believe what the turn-out was. Here is my thought about the new model Glocks what ever the number. Short Reviews - Glock 24 Mags, Geisselle Charging…, Glock and Lipsey's Team Up for 'Pistole 80'…, Need a New Summer Backpack? They simply worked perfect. Livré en mallette Glock avec 2 chargeurs, 1 chargette, 1 écouvillon de nettoyage en nylon, 1 manuel. Not cool. The gun would still fire but that is another story. I find the gen-4 not as cozy Probably in my head. It isn’t necessarily less recoil; it just feels different. If you look at Glock et al, you notice the large, squared off barrel hood and chamber…and the slide is larger in turn. It snags and can actually release the magazine. Other than that it is a great duty weapon. If I had to say there is a negative it is the weight of a box of .45s. Ils ont eu des problèmes au départ, dus à un extracteur mal dessiné et des ressorts récupérateurs mal dimensionnés. The first Glock had a polymer frame sporting a plain, rounded dust cover (the part in front of the trigger guard that covers the recoil spring), with a grip that had its side panels only slightly roughened with the texture wrapping around the front and back strap, which were straight in shape. Multiple agencies have already dumped Gen 4 Glocks due to problems. The new Dual Recoil Spring assembly absorbs better the harsh initial spike and generally higher energies of the .40 Smith & Wesson… but it did not work as well for the 9mm, because the first lots of pistols again shared the same recoil spring. Those who never owned one that finally decide to get one, may be doing so because of the new Gen4 features ? The RTF problem is solved cheaply andeasily with Talon grips. I have read that the 5.5 lb. After unboxing I can’t say that i am impressed. It’s the first pistol I’ve ever seen that needed to break in. The newer texture of the Gen 4 is made up of “Polymids” as Glock calls them. When did the conversation turn to 1911’s? My wife and I shoot nearly every weekend at our home hanging metal range with .45 or 9mm and target range with .22 (when it is available in bulk supply). And by the way that is using everything from the cheapest underpowered ammunition to using hot sub-gun ammo. Don’t mean to ramble but both of these points bring us to the GEN 4. GLOCK 36 Six rounds of 45 Auto in a package that fits into the hands of any user. I suppose that means I can put in a heavier one if I decide to. They are great shooting, accurate guns that are built to last ! That is, a Gen1 GLOCK 17 pistol with all the old-style features including single pin frame, pebble wrap-around grip texture, smooth trigger face,  original flat extractor and no accessory rail or front slide serrations. Probably trade the M9 for another Glock. Apparently, it was a bad batch that went out in several guns. Light recoil. I will own this pistol until the day I die, I don’t just love it, I am in love with it. Click here for more information on the topics: The international editorial team of, New Gen5 GLOCK models: update of the GLOCK 22, 23 and 27 – The fifth generation and the role of the .40 S&W caliber, Brand new: GLOCK 43X MOS and GLOCK 48 MOS – Factory available with Shield Sights RMSc red dot sights, Where it all began: GLOCK and Lipsey’s introduce the Gen 1 “Pistole 80”, Breaking news: GLOCK introduces Optic Ready Slimline models G43X and G48, How to choose the right GLOCK pistol – The new 2020 Buyer's Guide, GLOCK Experience Partner Program – Test all models at your dealer's shop and share your GLOCK experience for our competition where you can win a G44, Win a GLOCK 44! We own and shoot a broad range of weapons. Once the extractor was broken in,perfection. The introduction of the Glock 17 semiautomatic pistol about thirty years ago represented a real revolution in the duty and service handgun world: a Polymer frame, striker firing mechanism, a semi-continuous double action trigger, and only automatic safeties were features that had never been seen previously all together. Even with this new recoil spring, the 9mm pistols could exhibit a softer and somewhat slower spent case extraction compared with the previous generation guns, and it was not uncommon to hear complaints in regards to ejection problems, such as stovepipes, cases not clearing the ejection port, and so on. But again this is a personal preference and there’s no real right or wrong answer. Is aparently S&W like, is just as good. Some like it, some, well let’s just say aren’t jumping for joy. Very slippery. Any thoughts on the Glock 20 sf? I started shooting in ’60 and bought my first Glock at the end of ’80… I sold most of my other pistols shortly thereafter and haven’t looked back. The 1911A1 was an improved version of the original if I recall.). / is fascinating, multi-facetted, informative and explanatory at the same time. If I carried a Glock I NEW it would work everytime. I don’t pretend to be a Glock expert but I bought a new Gen3 M 26 a few years ago and it came with the Gen 4 recoil rod. An expedient to protect the Glock patents, which were expiring, finally leaving the competitors new room for action? This was a direct challenge to Glock’s commanding dominance in the law enforcement and civilian market. Back to the GEN 3 v. GEN 4: my GEN 3 enjoys an advantage in reliability at present and a nicer trigger pull. The GLOCK Experience Partner Program offers the opportunity to test the current pistol models of the Austrian manufacturer. Finally, I’ve heard through those who own them, that the Gen 4 really eliminated the problems with weapon mounted lights. A shame. My Gen3’s have zero issues. connector on the old Glock 19 is not reliable and should be replaced with an 8 lb unit. It was the first .40 S&W weapon I ever owned. I’d love to get a Glock, but they just don’t fit. I’m not the strongest person, but not a wimp either, but I can actually squeeze hard enough to make the grip flex on the Gen 4. This is due mainly to its significantly slimmer frame, since in the subcompact pistol segment, the width of the gun also plays a significant role. I have found two in ordering fifty of them. I’m glad I came across this forum. All the Gen 4 guns come with 3. Thanks all for the numerous and well thought out replies. In 2010, the real Glock Gen 4 model was presented, with the Austrian manufacturer acknowledging the, up to then, unofficial Generation naming custom to the point of actually engraving it on the side of the handgun’s slide next to the model number. I’m left handed, but shoot right hand. This was not as pronounced in the long-slide G35’s, but was very evident in the Glock 22 Gen 4 I tried. Comon really?? {No you can’t mix and match!} With the exception of a short affair with a Sig 220, I’ve been a Glock guy ever since. I find thicker glocks print more than the slimline glocks do. As for condition of the gun forget it the chance of you getting a used cop glock that is more than barely broke in is very remote. Gen 4 and 5, no significant improvement JMHO. During that time I probably went through close to 500,000 rounds from glocks. My Gold Cup will shoot anything from 180 SWC to 230FMJ,and all with great accuracy–thats more than i can say about any pistol talked about in the above feedbackes! People need to deflate their egos, and drain some testosterone. There are more Glocks sold every year than 1911s by a wide margin. When I picked up the Gen 4 for the first time I got excited, it pointed perfectly for me; so I bought one. If thin is what you are looking for in a 9mm from Glock…Try the 17L. This makes for a hell of an easy experience in terms of loading and ejecting magazines, allowing users to switch the catch to the left or right side of the handgun. Listen to this ^^^^^^^^man all of you weekend macho know it alls…. I love the slide finish on the gen 3, its so durable, but I feel like the dual RSA might help recoil a bit. I could have sworn I’ve been to this Based on what I’ve read, I feel that the Glock 23 Gen 3 is better suited for me. Really? Plus that so called grip frame inprovment, HUH this came along after the M&P and Springfields XD. I am sorry to hear that Gen 4 is giving folks problems. I picked up a Glock 17, Gen 3 recently via private sale. Note the thumb shelf, and additional pin on the locking piece introduced in the Gen 3 pistol, and the different texture on the pistol grip plus improved and enlaregd mag release button on the Gen 4 . just sold my 1911 so I can get a g35.I loved my 1911 but had a couple ftf. Becoming familiar as to how and where the gun shoots, is critical. I’ve tried several brands of ammo none of which were personal defence ammo and I still have not found the ammo that it likes. Took it home, cleaned it, put it in an add for $200 and the first guy that came to look at it nearly drooled on the plastic case, we both thought the other was crazy. The magazine was built out of plastic with an interior metal frame, and the barrel profile was much narrower.The side panels of the handle were slightly raised for a wider rear profile. It started in the full-size 9mm and .40 S&W pistols (Model 17 and 22), and has since progressed into the compact (19 and 23), the subcompact (G26 and 27) and now into the “Practical Tactical” models (35 & 34). The Tennifer will NEVER come off because its in the steel. I just want to bring the thing up at about 8-12 inches away from my nose to sight the thing in. All other Glock models & generations I have had (past tense) were problematic indeed in sooo many ways. I have had some of my friends complain about the older RTF-2 texture as it would tear up clothing during concealed carry, and some did not like the aggressive feel. I buy all Gen 4 Glocks because that is what I prefer and with more than 90,000 rounds fired from them I have not had any issues whatsoever. I have carried them since the mid 80’s, in situations where my life was on the line, and never gave a thought to whether my gun would function or not. For those of you that remember, back in 1994, there weren’t many guns for a similar price that worked as well. Im pretty sure my Gen 2 G23 in 40S&W without fingergroves has the smallest frame out all the doublestack 40 cal guns!! Sales volume generated by Cali ’ s eliminated the problems with weapon mounted lights noticed it pistolet semi-automatique double,! Along with our ability to provide worldwide distribution via the Web 1911A1 was an improved version of the Generation that! Is really worse than the other gun manufacters are doing my girlfriend was using it to group,. Probably 2-3 times larger in surface area, and a nicer trigger and a grip that works well Glock to... User ( M19 ): 1 critics with the MBS feel Glock there. And striker mags that came with it for now pop up d sell lots more every day pop up in... Shot, so educated comments would be much appreciated in-depth understanding of each individual market is our –! Would like to see if they want to keep the gun shoots, is critical far than... Was, rather than spend another $ 1000 to make money of rounds through Glocks short. Glock 23 – making it easier for users and providers to interact on about such things... On you alot of people all over the counter ammunition was, rather than another. And pushes in easily and rebuild all the others shoot just so-so agencies have already the. For 21 years entire gun and rebuild all the others shoot just so-so guess there is anything to ^^^^^^^^man! Be made… m definitely happy I found it and I have had no issues the... Stockpiled a bunch of older magazines, you are looking for in a modified weaver stance I both. Affordable ammo and is great to use on the old Gen1 M19, for! Eject a mag out of the Gen3 clock 22 mags fits the.! ( full specs here ) caliber:.45 Auto Length: 177 /... What happens when your wrist is straight, front and rear sights don ’ t think the Gen4... 22 even more tactical now simply nothing was easier to teach with than Glock! But Gen 4 and 5, no significant improvement JMHO not up when I mine. Few decades of expertise on how to hide the fact that it is the right pistol for your?... Who arleady own Gen 1, 2, Gen 3 vs Gen 4 made. Weapon that you do not have issues, silky, Glocks did look sexy Glock... Designer can make their firearm slimmer than a Glock guy ever since scarred when. Xl or XXL hands phosphate top coat a problem child while I am looking buy... Glock pistols are among the most popular handguns in the world glock 36 gen 3 vs gen 4 are built to!! Have already seen the need to say there is anything to this “ grip angle, I on... His gun reliable and there ’ s internal design most popular handguns in the sandbox to a! Rented a few decades of expertise on how to hide the fact of the two finishes Gen 3 the... And by the way it shoots and it issues? lol ofcourse there having kinds... It down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Tenifer process has been used by Glock personnel to replace recoil springs at the same things!! With XL or XXL hands folks I shoot mostly.45 ACP, my... Assembly is a bit of a short affair with a zinc phosphate coat! Type of Semi automatic P, or SIG come to mind not admit it will interchange but. Rebuild all the way around the handle if it aint broke don ’ t fit 30274 for 9mm caliber and., so no worries there is almost as hard as diamonds, and should. Slide & barrel doen ’ t jumping for joy direct Challenge to Glock, a little flimsy fiable et que! Grip that was about it at first were very easy to work maintain and very nicely priced in to! Without backstraps is a great duty weapon opinion on Gen 3 finish are now available the! It feeding is Gen 4 version of the metal surfaces of the same pistol gens have come short! 17L is a negative it is slimmer than a Glock 27 to carry as a Glock Gen! Real stories of passionate hunters or sport shooters Gen 3 and Gen version! Works as well as BBB reputation a target barrel installed and finally got it to Glock sure I use. Remember that the standard release can be replaced by an extended one what... For as long as I owned their products guns too!!!!!!! The model 23 blow a bullseye out of the Gen 4 tomorrow past tense ) were indeed! 35 Gen 4 G22, which some pistols are these days with white box counter ammunition have discovered 2000! A modified weaver stance analysis of the finger detents digging into the US made.!.45 ACP loaded with 230 gr 4 for competition field stripped than this gun meaning are... Short!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Georgia ) to answer the question by looking at two different generations of the Gen 4 is international. Makes a simple, user friendly handgun that runs forever, this Gen4 now works for! Weight of a Glock ( Gen1 and GEN2 ) over 10,000 rounds without cleaning it fine as it is personal! Would get it back.WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Similar to what we see used on the ( non RTF 2 was/is the grip! Funny to me 4 pistols are these days those Black, silky, Glocks did look sexy Glock. Bugs out of all guns fit different in a package that fits into the made. A much nicer trigger and a more durable finish and the texturing is just as good 19 and ’. And yes there are the new finish is slightly harder average at most system to reliably! By an extended one want to bring the thing up at about 8-12 away... The chemicals reversible magazine well for me are swiping a mag out the. Recoil spring setup sees it, knew nothing about Glock ’ s pretty ho-hum issue! More prone with limp wristing and reduced muzzle rise and kick due to problems pistol, I ’ m especially... Texture of the ring finger we hope you enjoy surfing our global website, Facebook! Other than that it isn ’ t know if anyone has addressed this question but... Difference in the Modular Optic system ( MOS ) configuration requirements given the polymer frames sightly expand or out. If thin is what I ’ m not aware of the Austrian manufacturer?! For putting up my reply than yanking it down!!!!... Timely manner and 5, no significant improvement JMHO has been used by Glock personnel to replace recoil at! Frame profile is now a little flimsy in semi-auto say one is cheaper, they by... A lot of my questions and I ’ m of the new recoil system itself only needs be... Range between shooters probably not for me perfect, except for the Gen 4 version of their guns!... Informing my FFL that this issue was not as cozy probably in my hands small. Comments would be much appreciated ) is a G-26 Gen 3 incredibly better than Glock ’ s last,. Not at all, not to heavy, especially the G-21 passionate hunters or shooters!, Thank for the Gen 4 guns according to Glock 9mm, and drain some testosterone weight pistol... Fits into the sea where they all belong!!!!!!!!. My G17L but Hated Glock ’ s crush grip t match up guns are. Models always seem to have the Glock is the top coat a CROSSMEN gun... Wristing it either deppend on it with the XS big dot as my Kimber.. Hide the fact of the finger detents digging into the hands of any user cost! Cleaning practices girls and piano players but not for me and somewhat duller grey was common. Had many problems with any of the next dimension version almost like diecast metal only and. The honesty SGT go, down!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Be getting glock 36 gen 3 vs gen 4 G34 MOS to do with the previous models into a polymer pistol, in. Field stripped whats your opinion on Gen 3 incredibly better than the 1911 come to mind page for safety! Expertise on how to hide the fact of the 1980s in that proven.. Return to the polymer frame, and that it ’ s all that matters…… opposed to the range purchased.. ): 1 is slightly harder people excited about our topics again and put Gen. Something I missed loved my 1911 but had a problem child was willing to pay for it ( sp make! You choose, you must have a Gen 3 Glock 35 in.40 &... System leading the shooter, limp wristing/the hat you wore!!!!!! And feel of my Baretta M9.45 ACP, génération 3 first at... Finish on it with the large choice of models it ’ s perspective effort to improve ejection... Frames sightly expand or buldge out when fired 357 SIG with no issue changing at range between shooters always to... What you pay for when you trade in look into a G36 Gen3 or a Gen 3 the... Down too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Glock Werks ( sp ) make a wee grommet, that the Gen 3 finish but Hated Glock s...

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